Custom Designs

Hello World! Vee G. here! So we all have something that we love to do, something that we enjoy doing and want to share with others. My passion has always been artistic creations. I love being in my personal space, and working out my ideas creatively. There has also been seasons when life happens and my creativity and passions were not a priority. Those were extremely tough times filled with depression and despair. I knew something was amiss and I couldn’t understand why I was so unproductive and nothing was working. Of course looking back I can say with certainty that I shut the door on a part of my life that allowed me to be open fully with freedom and expression.

My advice is, once you find that place where you can create and explore and be yourself, embrace it.

Looking forward it’s great for me to use my energy to help others. I love seeing people wear my creations and helping them develop their business brand. Many years  were spent learning tech skills, pursuing educational degrees and building myself up to a level of professionalism and discipline to assist my clients. I take pride in my God-given gifts, and my desire is to be a blessing.


Services are:

  • Video Services: Video Ads, Video Photo Montages, Video Vision Boards
  • Custom Graphics, Photo Collages
  • Vision Wear: Hand Painted Denim Designs

With my vibrant colors, and creativity I’m sure 10 Job Pro can assist you in using visuals to attract sales as well as provide you with other personal services that can remind you of your passions and goals. Get ready to begin your VIP service today.


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