Always thankful for another day to begin again. Putting those things in the past behind me and pushing forward in faith. Today I will be heading out to my family gathering and I just wanted to say Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. Enjoy your day and spread some love. It’s all about connection, which is what this graphic is about. It’s called Prayer & Connection.


Each day is a day of thanksgiving and it’s great to reflect on everything with gratitude and love. Everyone’s journey is different with challenges and obstacles, we all have them. I found myself reflecting on those decisions this morning and wondering what changes would have been had I made a different decision. Maybe it’s irrelevant, learning from those decisions are far more valuable.

In our time today, reflect on a Father’s love that has covered us even in our darkest moments. You are fearfully and wonderfully made, so get out there today and have some fun! Spread some love, and receive some love. Remember…you are loved! 🙂

Vee G

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