Share the Love


It’s a wonderful day to begin again! Each day is new and has it’s own challenges. Navigating those challenges is a journey we all can relate to. I am most thankful for the opportunity to be able to express myself in this way and through my artistry. Getting to this point of opening up is difficult with so many of life’s distractions. I tend to be a person who keeps many of my problems hidden, paying the price with my health. Our bodies are not made to carry stress but to constructively express our emotions and share with others. A reserved person and introvert, finding a balance where I am able to share without being intrusive is my goal.


My passion is to spread the love of God,  I am a vessel and a refection of His light and love. In everything, my desire is to be a blessing and share His goodness. I am in no way a perfect person, and I have flaws but what I do know is in my journey which has been very tumultuous, He has always been there even when I didn’t want Him to. God’s love is never failing and something that is hard for our minds to grasp. As I am learning about His love daily building faith, I want to be able to share it and act upon it which is my desire. How are you sharing your gifts with others?

Vee G

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