10 Signature Jacket

Hey there! So today I was working on a few projects and I thought about creating a signature denim jacket for 10 Job Pro. I have some ideas of combining tapestry, trims, and embroidery for a beautiful finished product. I’m always looking for new ideas to stretch the mind, I think we get used to the norm which has everyone looking and dressing alike. So if you have any ideas, let me know what you think.


This jacket is hand painted adorned with studs and gold accessories. The signature jacket would have a  hand-painted design, along with trims and embroidery balancing the front and back of the jacket.

I’m still working on some designs, nothing solid yet just know that it’s in the works and yet another benefit of the VIP status. I may need to have a jacket fashioned from scratch to accommodate my creativity. Stay tuned for more. 🙂

Check out the link for more samples. tenjobpro.com

Vee G.

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