What services do you provide?

We provide video services; such as video ads, video graphic montages and video vision boards. We also provide a customized hand painted design specialty service. Services can be bundled, check out our packages.

Can I chose one service instead of a package?

Yes, packages can be purchased individually or within a package getting your more for the value.

Where do I sign up for the VIP session?

The VIP services can be accessed through the website by filling out the form. Upon completion of the VIP Service form our project manager will contact you to answer any questions and identify your needs.

What is included with the VIP service?

VIP members are signed up for our email mailing list that promotes specials and other awesome inspirational correspondence. As a VIP member you will get 10% off of our services and even more when your refer other customers. You also get a free phone consultation and support during your personal visioning experience via appointments. A Project Manager (PM) is assigned who formulates a package to suit your personal needs. We also ask that our customers sign a work agreement that states the terms of our arrangement and what you can expect from your service with us.

I’m unsure of how I can benefit from this service or what is possible, can you help me?

Yes, once you sign up for our VIP service we will asses your needs through our free 30 minute phone consultation. From there we will create an action plan to help you achieve your desired results.

What are the steps to start a custom vision wear project?

Once we establish your needs, the Project Manager will ask you some questions about your passions and vision, as well as personal  information about who you are to script for our designer. (Don’t worry your privacy is our #1 goal, and we do not share any information with anyone without your expressed permission and consent) Once the vision is created in design form, our PM will schedule a time to expedite the approval process for the design and work will begin. Keep in mind that our custom hand painted design work can take a few weeks depending on the work load and details of the project.

Can I provide my own personal items for customization services?

Yes, we will accept reasonable attire for customization. We will provide the mailing address to send your personal items to, shipping costs accrued will be deducted from your bill. We can also assist you in ordering items online through a third party supplier and any cost accrued will be added to your final bill.

How will I receive my products?

Video services will be sent via email, in MP4 format once completed along with any files associated with the project. For customized hand painted services, products are mailed via USPS, priority/express shipping. Any customized graphics will be sent to your provided email, in Jpeg format. Optional 20×30 posters ordered, can be shipped to your residence at additional costs.

How long will the process take?

We love our customers and want to provide a quality service that is fast and efficient. The size of the project and package can take up to 2 weeks depending on the job. Please provide us a realistic timeline that gives us time to plan and create your project.

Is there an expedited service?

We will work diligently to ensure you package is provided in a timely manner. You PM will discuss options that will work best for expedited service. Additional costs are associated with this service.

Can I upload footage or pics for my project?

Yes, you can upload high quality pics and footage for your project. Check with your PM for a list of what is acceptable. Copyrighted material is not accepted.

What are you accepted forms of payment?

We accept Paypal payment processors.

How much does your services cost?

Our prices vary based on individual and packaged services and are competitively priced in today’s market. Save money by bundling services. Get with your PM to discuss service costs.

Why the disclaimer?

Our services are unique and based on an idea that people are not labels and should reflect light and love. Anything that reflects negativity, and fails to inspire will not be reflected in our work.

What’s your refund policy?

We aim to please, if you have any issues please allow us time to rectify any grievances. If you are still unhappy with your service, please speak with your PM first. Once we investigate the issue and any steps to rectify it, we will provide an agreed partial refund depending on work done and circumstances.