I love to showcase vibrant colors meshed into a story. Here’s a few samples created over the years from personal and customer projects. One of my favorite artists is Romare Bearden, although I love his authenticity and artistry, I have my own style and way of relaying a message. I love to work in mixed media and experimental mediums. There’s more than one way to tell a story, so why be limited to one style?

Customized Graphics

This photo collage was created as a 20×30 poster. Another example of cherishing memories that everyone can enjoy instead of having them tucked away in a picture album.


UpshawCollageClassic Photo Montage with max of 60 images. This project was also created in a larger poster size for a party display. Photos should be scanned as high quality photos if poster size is your choice. Please contact me to discuss other options, such as a video montage or collage. Other types of custom graphics include banners and ads like this for the purpose of advertising online, or with business cards or flyers.


If you’re interested in advertising online Flower City Community has advertising options for all budgets.

Video Services

Check out a few video samples that can assist you with the promotion of your product or service. You can also establish a treasured keep sake with a video vision board. Capture photo memories in video format with our photo montage or create an awesome graphic representation of your greatest work, the possibilities are endless. Video is a powerful tool that can tell a story, share a vision and aspire greatness. Imagine that! Our video post can elaborate more on the use of video today and how it is a beneficial tool online.

video3 videovisionboardsample

Custom Vision Wear


Back in the late 80’s I started a little business while attending school (East High) painting on denim jeans. It started off slow, but as word spread in high school more and more teenagers paid for my services.


I love the challenge of bringing  a vision to fruition and especially watching people wear my creations. At 15 I was a little entrepreneur with a big vision. So later I began to focus on denim jackets using fabric paint, rhinestones and studs to share a visual masterpiece. Do you have a vision for something beautiful and unique? Even if you don’t have a vision for your project, I can help you through our VIP service by personally providing you with a personal vision based experience. Get started here.


The project to the left was created for a local animator who has created several original characters for the promotion of Pow Wow Animations, check it out and Subscribe.  I enjoyed making this depiction of a super hero which comes in many forms and the artist is thrilled to be able to show the world her creations. The project to the right was created for a close friend to showcase her gifts of song and ministry. To this day she still wears her jacket which has since worn to the extent of patching, the message remains the same. Each customer wears the designs that were painted specifically for them to showcase talents, inspire and and as a reminder of what’s to come. Hopefully, the creations will encourage the viewers of these powerful creations to embrace their inner passions.



Disclaimer: In no way will our original works and artistry infringe upon copyrighted material unless there is permission to do so. My original works of art are unique and specific to each person. Since my services are a reflection of light, love, hope, and the building of faith they will not reflect death, pornography, drugs or negativity. I do not reflect political views or promote disunity of any kind in my work.